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Choco Pongo Hash

Choco Pongo Hash


Choco Pongo Hash – AAAAA



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Choco Pongo Hash from Big Bud UK is a soft hash with chocolate hints and an aftertaste of dried fruit. This is a hash that harks back to the Afghan tradition. It is a hashish obtain from plants that have not yet dried. This processing method gives the product a soft, pasty and easily malleable consistency, from which it has earned the nickname ‘Pongo’. The color is a dark brown on the outside which becomes decidedly lighter on the inside. The aromas are like its consistency, that is, soft and not at all aggressive. The scents are earthy and at times reminiscent of dried fruit.

Why buy Hashish On Big Bud UK?

Our goal is to offer you a quality product every day, we pay attention to the selection of raw materials treated without the use of pesticides, fertilizers or chemical fertilizers.

Our team carries out precise analyzes on each lot put up for sale, and is constantly engaged in the selection of new beneficial proposals and varieties with a high percentage of THC or CBD that respect, at the same time, the tradition that has been handed down to us over the centuries.

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