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Green Crack is a potent Sativa with THC content often reaching over 24%. Great for daytime, this strain is energizing and is perfect for social gatherings and those who need morning medication.

This strain is nothing like the common street drug. Rather, this strain is one of the most popular Sativas around. The effects are energizing and uplifting, and it features a THC content between 15 and 24%. You’ll find yourself focused, creative, and in an all-around good mood

Medical Benefits of Green Crack

Medical marijuana patients enjoy this strain because it offers relief from a range of ailments and conditions.

Medical marijuana consumers tend to like this strain for ADD/ADHD, chronic fatigue and depression
This strain is even suitable for daytime appetite stimulation
This strain also has fairly potent pain-relieving properties, making it popular among those with arthritis and other chronic pain conditions

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