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Mango Kush

Mango Kush

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Mango Kush is an evening flower known for inspiring big smiles. Whip out this stress-relieving flower after a long day, especially if you plan to kick back and enjoy a new comedy or a big dinner. Also great for newer consumers, this strain has moderate THC levels and giggly effects.

Medical Benefits Of Mango Kush

This strain causes sleepiness, which usually begins halfway through the duration of its effects. It is also associated with producing laughter and a happy feeling. The effects of Mango Kush usually last from one to two hours.

It is not recommended for daytime use, but it can work wonders for chronic pain, especially joint pain.

Mango Kush relieves insomnia and can also relieve headache and migraine pain. Patients also use it to reduce inflammation and treat stress and anxiety.

Although popular among recreational cannabis users, this strain offers medical patients relief from a variety of symptoms. Some medical marijuana users have even called this strain a good nighttime relief for such serious ailments as cancer, HIV/AIDS, and bipolar disorder.

This strain can provide light and happy effects, but the Indica in this strain provides powerful pain relief and gets rid of aches and tension. It is also known to stimulate appetite, which can be helpful for those who struggle to keep food down and to treat nausea.

Many medical cannabis patients also enjoy this flower to relieve mental ailments such as anxiety and depression. Of course, this sleepy flower is also popular with insomniacs.

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