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Buy Squidjy Black Hash Online UK

Potency: 23% CBD 23% CBD Hash. Squidjy Black

Contains less than 0.2% THC

This hash has a soft squidgy black consistency and rich interesting flavour.
Non-psychoactive and hemp derived.

squidgy black hash is made from trichs that are taken from the plant while its still alive and in full bloom (notice how sticky a fresh resinous plant is). traditionally the farmer rubs his hands over all the plants in the field , collecting lots of sticky resin. He scrapes this off and rolls into a ball. Its usually mixed with some local ingredients like tea or whatever is tradionally used in that region, black hash isnt usually contaminated with the crap they put in soapbar, its made to the same recipe/methods by farmers who have being do so for generations and each hash is disticitive to that region… fine cheeses.

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