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Strawberry Cough is a strain that is surrounded by mystery. There are many rumors about its origin and its particular dominant strawberry smell, and we may never know the answers. But we are grateful to enjoy its uplifting and balanced effects.

Effects & Medical Benefits Of Strawberry Cough

This is an ideal strain when you have things to do. Do you have to study? Work to do? The to-do list seems endless? This is the strain best suited to give you a boost of energy during the day, or when you start to wind down in the evening but still want to be in the mood to go out and socialize.

When consuming this beautiful strain people can expect to feel upbeat, energetic, talkative, and in good spirits.

The benefits of Strawberry Cough are varied, it also seems to have a lot of potential in the medical area, especially in mental health issues.

People often use this strain to help them deal with stress and social anxiety.
Helps with migraines and headaches.
Thanks to the increased focus it brings, Strawberry Cough may help with ADD/ADHD.
It also tends to make you a little hungry, making it a good choice for anyone struggling to maintain an appetite throughout the day.
This strain is also known to help with stress, anxiety, and depression.

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