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Pink Lemonade THC E-Liquid 10ml

Pink Lemonade THC E-Liquid 10ml


THC Vape Liquid



Buy Pink Lemonade THC E-Liquid 10ml UK

Pink Lemonade THC E-Liquid 10ml here at BIG BUD UK ,bask in the refreshing taste of summer. Whether lounging under the palms or lost in wistful summer dreaming, this ever so tangy childhood classic will have your mouth watering. What makes Pink Lemonade taste pink? A citrusy spin on grapefruit with a hint of fizz, ever so tangy with a splash of sweet.

10ml bottle
PG/VG : 80/20 for the best vaping experience
Certified THC concentration in 10 mL bottle
No alcohol, no animal extracts
USP / food grade ingredients
Tamper-proof and childproof
PG/VG, Flavouring
THC per 10ml bottle: 600ml

Precautions of use

You must be of legal smoking age to use this product. Keep tightly sealed and away from direct sunlight

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